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I found out over the weekend that Jonah has a skill that I had no knowledge of. I will take the credit for helping him learn his shapes and his colors, both of which he knows pretty well, but I’ll have to give the credit to my parents and Jonah’s “Scout phone” for this one. Apparently Jonah knows his numbers. Well, up through ten. Including zero! I tried to get a video of him showing off this skill, but he was not being the most cooperative. I got him pointing out a few, though. It’s blowing my mind.

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love love love

I had an excellent day.  The reason?

This kid has been AWESOME the past few days.  He has been super sweet and love-y.  It seems like I get a hug every 10 seconds!  I love it.

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picky eater

I know that toddlers are notoriously picky eaters.  But, since I’m a parent, I have to think that my kid is different and there must be something terribly wrong with him.  Not really, but you know what I mean.  Parents do that.

It seems like Jonah lives on string cheese and bananas.  He won’t eat things he used to love, like cottage cheese, pizza, or tomatoes.  The biggest problem is that he won’t even try things.  Sometimes, if I can trick him, he will taste something and realize he likes it and eat the whole thing.  But it’s hard to trick him.

The thing that makes everything worse is that he really should be better at feeding himself by now, but since he won’t willingly eat most stuff, I have to feed it to him.  Otherwise he’ll just push it away.  That means he doesn’t get much practice at all using a spoon.  I mean, he can sort of feed himself, but not very well.

Do any parents have any advice dealing with picky-eating toddlers?  I just worry about the lack of variety he’s getting, and the fact that some days he barely seems to eat at all.  Am I completely over-reacting?  Should I just leave him alone and let him eat the same 3 foods over and over?

Of course, he wanted to hold the apple all by himself, as if to prove this whole post wrong.

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I decided to take a nap with Jonah the other day because he had woken up at 5:15 that morning, and we were both exhausted.  At one point during the nap, he woke up, reached his arms out, and said “uuuhhhhh” (that’s Jonah for “hug”), and then cuddled right up next to me after he got his hug and went back to sleep.

That, my friends, is why you become a parent.

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Sometimes, when you’re a parent, you walk around like this:

Also, I want you to notice how neatly lined-up the stickers are, and how he grouped them by shape.  My kid is a genius.

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speech therapy: 2 sessions in

Jonah started speech therapy on Monday, and had a session on Friday, as well.  I’ve had several people ask me how it went and what he does there, so I thought I’d make a quick post about it.

The first session did not really go well.  I was having to sign stuff, have things explained to me, etc., and people were in and out of the room.  The therapist tried to work with Jonah and get him used to her while all of this was going on, but it was just too distracting.  And he was tired.  We’re working on changing his appointment times so he’s not ready for a nap before he gets there.

Yesterday, though, went a lot more smoothly.  Jonah is not good at transitioning between activities, and he’s being very assertive lately with what he wants to do and how he wants to do it, so there was still some crying and frustration.  Aaron could hear Jonah crying from the lobby area.  But he worked on a really neat puzzle app on the iPad (which I promptly went home and downloaded on ours) and got really good at it, dragging shapes to the correct box.  We tried to work on him asking for help when he got frustrated, rather than screaming.  When he is playing, she will tell him the first sounds of the word for whatever he is playing with.  Anytime that he makes a vocalization that isn’t screaming or crying, is progress for him.  We want him to realize that asking for things (first by just making some sort of vocalization, and gradually saying the word, we hope) will work a lot better than getting upset and crying.

He also got to sit and play in a ball pit, which was really calming to him.  He likes to find the smushed balls among the round ones.  He also got to jump on a trampoline for the first time.  Really, he sat on it while the therapist (and then I, when he pulled me up) bounced around him.  He loved it!

Here is Jonah yesterday, trying on daddy’s shoes.  He’s been doing this lately with both Aaron’s and my shoes, and I think it’s so sweet.  I wish it was a better picture, but the kid is never still.

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speech therapy update & other things

Oh hi!  Remember me?  I’m not even going to go into the million reasons why I haven’t posted.  Life is busy.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in or whatever to the 3 people who might see this.  I’m still alive.  Hey, how about some bullet points?

  • Jonah starts speech therapy next week.  I told Facebook this yesterday and got a few responses that made Aaron worry that maybe we are pushing him too hard by putting him in speech therapy.  They were not negative responses, just people who said their kids were slow to start talking, but eventually did, and now they don’t stop — people sharing their stories, which I appreciate a lot.  But I don’t think we’re pushing him at all.  I think that IF there is a real problem, catching it early and trying to get some real help is the best thing to do.  His therapy evaluation a month ago did indicate that there are some things that he is very behind on.  So that’s that.
  • The past two days have been awful.  Jonah is either super cranky from getting his last set of teeth in (2 year molars) or maybe he’s hitting the “terrible twos” early.  But he will go from fine to complete meltdown in half a second if I don’t immediately do exactly what he wants.  Aaron has been super helpful and has come home on his lunch break both days to give me a break, but I’ve got to figure out how to better handle these tantrums.  If anyone has tips, I would definitely consider them.
  • I am taking two classes right now — one that runs throughout the summer (Speech Communication) and one that is shorter (Personal Health).  Once the shorter one ends, another one starts (Nutrition).  But I also have to relearn French 1 (on my own), which I haven’t taken since the 2003-2004 school year, so I can take French 2 this fall and Intermediate French in the Spring.  So I can graduate.  And be done forever.
Here are some pictures.  I tried to pick ones I didn’t post on Facebook (but I can’t be bothered to go back and actually check) so this will be more interesting to those of you who already follow me there (everyone).

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