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I have the best family ever.  🙂  We’ve been having lots of fun with various iPhone camera apps lately.

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Jonah’s room, French, and a birthday

I got a weird burst of energy yesterday and rearranged Jonah’s room a bit.  He must like it, because he’s spent far more time in there today than he usually does.

Tonight is my first “live classroom” thing for French 2.  It’s like a voice chat with the teacher and the whole class that lasts an hour.  I don’t know exactly what to expect, so I am super nervous.

Lastly, happy birthday to my awesome brother!  Jonah wanted to send his uncle a special birthday wish, so we sent this to him on Facebook.  😉

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Backyard Fun

Very sorry about the lack of updates.  I just finished with spring semester, and the last two or three weeks were full of crazy final assignments.  And since I was so busy with school, I don’t really have that much to write about.

I enjoyed my second Mother’s Day, even though Jonah didn’t do anything for me.  Can you believe it?  It’s as if he didn’t even know it was Mother’s Day.  Aaron made me an awesome card, though.

Over the weekend, Aaron and I managed to get the backyard cleaned up so Jonah can go play back there.  We went out this morning with Rory and he had so much fun.  I took some photos, and they’ll have to do until I do something fun or interesting that I can talk about.  😉







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Mini photo shoot time!

Jonah hasn’t been feeling great for the past couple of days. It seems like he is constantly teething, and we’ve all developed allergies. I think he might even have another cold. These things have, understandably, put him in a pretty bad mood lately.

However, this morning, he was pretty happy. I didn’t want to risk taking him to Baby Bookworm in case he really is sick, but still wanted to do something fun. He was being sweet and doing cute stuff, so I thought I’d do a little mini photo shoot in his room.

I just love the way he is standing here:

Concentrating really hard on his book:



Before his nap. Look how tired he looks!

In other news, I registered for summer and fall classes today, and should graduate next spring. It’s still over a year away, but it feels good to know when it’s going to end.

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18 months

Today, Jonah is a year and a half old. He is spending the day at my parents’ house, but here are some pictures from this morning so that you can see what 18-month-old Jonah looks like. 😉 He’s so grown up.

Still in his pajamas. Doesn’t he look thrilled?


Family portrait. This is about the only way we could get him to smile for the camera.

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Great day!

Today was pretty amazing. Jonah woke up in a fantastic mood this morning, so even though we were about to have a super busy day and didn’t really have a lot of extra time, we decided to take a quick trip to the park.

at the park
at the park
at the park

He had a pretty good time, I guess. 😉

Later, we went to his friend Micah’s birthday party. It’s the first birthday party he’s ever been invited to, and he had a really good time. I think he played pretty well with the other kids, even though he still doesn’t get the whole sharing thing. Here’s the only good picture I got of Jonah and Micah together (at least, I like it):

Jonah & Micah

After we got home, we decided to try to get our bedroom/office (one room that functions as both things) toddler-proofed. It was two or three hours worth of work, but we got it done and it looks so nice. It was super cluttered before (I wish I had thought to take a before picture, but we kind of jumped right into it without thinking too much).

So, really good day. I think I’m going to take Jonah to Baby Bookworm at the library tomorrow morning!

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Music Tuesday: Rufus Wainwright and Ben Folds – Careless Whisper

This is my last Music Tuesday post featuring music that my brother introduced me to, so I wanted it to be extra awesome.  I first heard Name Your Link“>Rufus Wainwright probably 10-11 years ago.  It was my brother’s last Thanksgiving with our family before he moved to Chicago.  We were headed to our usual family lunch and Kris (my brother) gave my dad Rufus Wainwright“>this CD to put in.  A couple days later, I couldn’t get some of the songs out of my head, and I had to ask my brother who it was.  From then on, I was hooked.  Rufus is one of my two favorite musicians (Tom Waits being the other) and I’ve seen him live twice and met him once and HE EVEN TOUCHED ME!

Aaanyway, I really wanted to post a song from that CD, but they all have ads before them and that annoys me, so I thought I’d post this duet between Rufus and Name Your Link“>Ben Folds.  They covered this song when we saw them a few years ago, as well, and it was marvelous.

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