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speech therapy update & other things

Oh hi!  Remember me?  I’m not even going to go into the million reasons why I haven’t posted.  Life is busy.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in or whatever to the 3 people who might see this.  I’m still alive.  Hey, how about some bullet points?

  • Jonah starts speech therapy next week.  I told Facebook this yesterday and got a few responses that made Aaron worry that maybe we are pushing him too hard by putting him in speech therapy.  They were not negative responses, just people who said their kids were slow to start talking, but eventually did, and now they don’t stop — people sharing their stories, which I appreciate a lot.  But I don’t think we’re pushing him at all.  I think that IF there is a real problem, catching it early and trying to get some real help is the best thing to do.  His therapy evaluation a month ago did indicate that there are some things that he is very behind on.  So that’s that.
  • The past two days have been awful.  Jonah is either super cranky from getting his last set of teeth in (2 year molars) or maybe he’s hitting the “terrible twos” early.  But he will go from fine to complete meltdown in half a second if I don’t immediately do exactly what he wants.  Aaron has been super helpful and has come home on his lunch break both days to give me a break, but I’ve got to figure out how to better handle these tantrums.  If anyone has tips, I would definitely consider them.
  • I am taking two classes right now — one that runs throughout the summer (Speech Communication) and one that is shorter (Personal Health).  Once the shorter one ends, another one starts (Nutrition).  But I also have to relearn French 1 (on my own), which I haven’t taken since the 2003-2004 school year, so I can take French 2 this fall and Intermediate French in the Spring.  So I can graduate.  And be done forever.
Here are some pictures.  I tried to pick ones I didn’t post on Facebook (but I can’t be bothered to go back and actually check) so this will be more interesting to those of you who already follow me there (everyone).

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more bullet points

  • You know what’s awesome about kids being sick?  You will always be covered in their snot.  I’m on my second snot-covered shirt of the day.  It’s pretty glamorous.
  • Jonah and I have walked (technically Jonah rode) at least 2 miles each day so far this week.  Which is kind of a lot for me.  I’m hoping to start doing this at least Monday through Thursday when Aaron’s at work.
  • Got Jonah to sleep on our bed for his nap today instead of his bean bag, because his bean bag was making him super sweaty and gross.  Can you tell the animals love him?

Jonah and 3/5 animals.


A couple of random shots from the day:



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bullet points

I was doing so well for awhile, post-wise.  And then school started.  Here are some bullet points because I can’t muster up enough energy for a real post.

  • Jonah is back to waking up at 5AM.
  • This morning I had to say, “Stop putting rice cakes on Fiona.”
  • It looks like on Aaron’s days off we’re going to have to switch off one of us watching Jonah/the other one doing homework in hour increments.  We may never actually see each other again.
  • We need a bigger house.
  • Jonah is still not talking much and that is worrying me.  More about that later, I’m sure (maybe after his doctor appointment on Friday, if it doesn’t get canceled again).
  • The following is my favorite David Bowie song ever.  I think.  I love it so much.

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