craft: colored rice

I’ve been looking for some cheap* craft-type activities to make for Jonah to play with.  We did the toddler crayons, and that was fun, but right not he’s not really into coloring.  So I found this link through Pinterest showing how to color rice, which I thought would be perfect.  Jonah’s therapist said that he really liked the bucket of dry macaroni that she had, and it seemed like the same concept.

Turns out, he really likes it a lot.  We’ve gotten it out a few times, and he gets almost mesmerized by it.  I put some plastic dinosaurs in there for him to find, and a few scooping tools.  I do have to get out the broom after, but it’s not too messy.  I tried laying down a sheet to catch any stray rice the first time (as you can see in the pictures), but then he just wants to put it over his head and play peek-a-boo.  🙂

*This turned out to be not that cheap, really.  I got a 20 lb bag of rice, the tupperware, and the food coloring, and the rice was like $11 by itself.  Oh, well.  The next craft I have planned really is cheap.

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