picky eater

I know that toddlers are notoriously picky eaters.  But, since I’m a parent, I have to think that my kid is different and there must be something terribly wrong with him.  Not really, but you know what I mean.  Parents do that.

It seems like Jonah lives on string cheese and bananas.  He won’t eat things he used to love, like cottage cheese, pizza, or tomatoes.  The biggest problem is that he won’t even try things.  Sometimes, if I can trick him, he will taste something and realize he likes it and eat the whole thing.  But it’s hard to trick him.

The thing that makes everything worse is that he really should be better at feeding himself by now, but since he won’t willingly eat most stuff, I have to feed it to him.  Otherwise he’ll just push it away.  That means he doesn’t get much practice at all using a spoon.  I mean, he can sort of feed himself, but not very well.

Do any parents have any advice dealing with picky-eating toddlers?  I just worry about the lack of variety he’s getting, and the fact that some days he barely seems to eat at all.  Am I completely over-reacting?  Should I just leave him alone and let him eat the same 3 foods over and over?

Of course, he wanted to hold the apple all by himself, as if to prove this whole post wrong.

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