speech therapy: 2 sessions in

Jonah started speech therapy on Monday, and had a session on Friday, as well.  I’ve had several people ask me how it went and what he does there, so I thought I’d make a quick post about it.

The first session did not really go well.  I was having to sign stuff, have things explained to me, etc., and people were in and out of the room.  The therapist tried to work with Jonah and get him used to her while all of this was going on, but it was just too distracting.  And he was tired.  We’re working on changing his appointment times so he’s not ready for a nap before he gets there.

Yesterday, though, went a lot more smoothly.  Jonah is not good at transitioning between activities, and he’s being very assertive lately with what he wants to do and how he wants to do it, so there was still some crying and frustration.  Aaron could hear Jonah crying from the lobby area.  But he worked on a really neat puzzle app on the iPad (which I promptly went home and downloaded on ours) and got really good at it, dragging shapes to the correct box.  We tried to work on him asking for help when he got frustrated, rather than screaming.  When he is playing, she will tell him the first sounds of the word for whatever he is playing with.  Anytime that he makes a vocalization that isn’t screaming or crying, is progress for him.  We want him to realize that asking for things (first by just making some sort of vocalization, and gradually saying the word, we hope) will work a lot better than getting upset and crying.

He also got to sit and play in a ball pit, which was really calming to him.  He likes to find the smushed balls among the round ones.  He also got to jump on a trampoline for the first time.  Really, he sat on it while the therapist (and then I, when he pulled me up) bounced around him.  He loved it!

Here is Jonah yesterday, trying on daddy’s shoes.  He’s been doing this lately with both Aaron’s and my shoes, and I think it’s so sweet.  I wish it was a better picture, but the kid is never still.

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