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On Friday, we took Jonah to Children’s Therapy Team for a speech therapy evaluation.  We’ve been worried about his lack of speech for some time, and the evaluation confirmed what we had been thinking.  Jonah’s receptive language skills are great, maybe even a little ahead of his age group, meaning he understands so much of what we’re saying to him and can follow through on things we ask him to do, etc.  But his expressive skills (i.e. actually talking) are pretty far behind, at around 12 months.  He’ll be 19 months old tomorrow.  I’ve only ever heard him say five different words, but I haven’t heard some of those words in months.  He only consistently says “uh oh”.  He doesn’t call us mama and dada.  He doesn’t even have his own names for things, or try to say something but says it wrong.  He babbles, but not even a lot.  By the time kids turn two, they should have about 50 words in their vocabulary.

The lady who did his evaluation wants him to come in twice a week once everything gets finalized.  I’m so glad that we were right, and not just being crazy parents.  I’m so glad we worried enough to get him checked out instead of ignoring it.  She said it seems like we’ve been doing everything right, which makes me feel a lot better, even though I still worry that somehow it’s my fault, since I’m the one who’s home with him most of the time.  Hopefully, if (when? when!) he makes some progress, I might stop feeling like this.


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4 responses to “speech therapy

  1. My cousin (also Julie) has a 5 year old who had the same problem, until they enrolled him in speech therapy when he was 3. Now he talks all the time and is starting kindergarten this fall.

  2. I think it’s great that you are having Jonah checked out, but you know that all kids operate on their own time schedule… Jonah may be saving up all of his energy, so watch out! Maybe one day he’ll decide to start talking and you’ll wonder if he’ll let you get another word in edge-wise!

    He’s a bright kid, obviously. I’m sure he’ll verbally communicate when he’s ready!


  3. that is succcch a cute photo of your men!!! <333