Baby Bookworm

I took Jonah to our library’s Baby Bookworm this morning for the first time (I had mentioned that I had hoped to take him last week, but he got up super early that day and ended up falling asleep for his nap before time to leave).

I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I was definitely surprised by the amount of people there.  The walls were lined with parents (and grandparents, and siblings, etc) and toddlers.  It went pretty smoothly, even though Jonah kept wanting to pet the stuffed bear of the kid sitting next to us, and was eyeing the snacks of another kid.  I am always nervous because I don’t know how weird other parents are going to be about that kind of stuff.

Here’s the librarian reading a book about bees:

Baby Bookworm

Me and Jonah afterward, when everyone got to sit and look at a book. Jonah did not care to look up at the camera; he was busy learning about words.

us at Baby Bookworm

I’ll definitely be taking Jonah again on the days that he can stay awake for it!

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2 responses to “Baby Bookworm

  1. I used to take Micah to Babybookworms every week when he was little. But it just got so crowded that we stopped going. I think he might be too old for it now. 😦 Isn’t the cut off age 2?

    • Yeah, for Baby Bookworm it is. There is a Preschool Storytime that’s Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 10:30 am, Wal-Mart Storytime Room: ages 3 to 5. But since Harper is within the age group, you could probably bring them both if you wanted to. I think there were a couple kids there that had to have been older than 2.