Great day!

Today was pretty amazing. Jonah woke up in a fantastic mood this morning, so even though we were about to have a super busy day and didn’t really have a lot of extra time, we decided to take a quick trip to the park.

at the park
at the park
at the park

He had a pretty good time, I guess. 😉

Later, we went to his friend Micah’s birthday party. It’s the first birthday party he’s ever been invited to, and he had a really good time. I think he played pretty well with the other kids, even though he still doesn’t get the whole sharing thing. Here’s the only good picture I got of Jonah and Micah together (at least, I like it):

Jonah & Micah

After we got home, we decided to try to get our bedroom/office (one room that functions as both things) toddler-proofed. It was two or three hours worth of work, but we got it done and it looks so nice. It was super cluttered before (I wish I had thought to take a before picture, but we kind of jumped right into it without thinking too much).

So, really good day. I think I’m going to take Jonah to Baby Bookworm at the library tomorrow morning!

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