Music Tuesday: Ben Lee – Household Name

Sorry the bulk of my posts are Music Tuesdays.  I am way busier than I thought when I started this blog.  I’m hoping it will get better when the semester ends.

Today I don’t have a music video for you, because I can’t find one for the song I want to do.  But I do have a link to the song.  It’s Household Name by Name Your Link“>Ben Lee.  It’s an adorable and quirky song and I love it.

You can listen to the song here.

Aaron and I got to see Ben Lee, along with Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright, several years ago.  It was a great show, even though we were in the very back row of the balcony.  It was supposed to be an outdoor show, but then it got moved at the last minute due to rain, and by the time we got to the new venue (in Tulsa, a city we were pretty unfamiliar with), pretty much everything but the back row and the small standing area at the front was taken.  Blerg!

My favorite part of Ben’s performance was when he asked the audience, “Is Hanson here tonight?  I love those guys!”

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