Jonah went to his first Kindermusik class on Thursday.  We were late in inquiring about the classes (I believe they had started before we got a second car, anyway), so we missed the first three or four, but when we went to our first class, Jonah acted like he had known the other kids and parents forever.  He went around to everyone and socialized.  He patted the youngest group member’s hair.  He “borrowed” instruments from the other kids.  He didn’t want to sit down during the sitting down parts, but he loved playing with scarves and the maypole and chasing the other little boy who was there.

We are definitely going to have to work on transitioning and putting away the things we’re done playing with (and not taking three more out of the basket at the same time).  His Kindermusik class is also taught by a lady I’ve known since I was a kid, so that adds an extra level of enjoyment.  Every time Miss Ruth went to put one thing away and get the next, he wanted to follow her to see what she was doing.

We have been really looking lately for different ways to help him socialize, and this seems like it will be great.  Jonah has also been on a couple of playdates with his new friend Micah, and we joined a playgroup in the area, so I think we’re well on our way.

We received Jonah’s home music kit last night, and Jonah played with his instrument and read his book before he went to bed.

Playing with his maraca.

Reading his Kindermusik book.

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One response to “Kindermusik

  1. Great post, Julie. looks like an outstanding program and I’m excited that Jonah seems to be taking to it so well!

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