My favorite baby clothes

Yesterday I found out my good friend Staci is having a baby boy!  I wanted to let her look through Jonah’s old baby clothes, but first I wanted to look through everything to see what I wanted to keep.

This is everything Jonah has that is too small for him.  It was all shoved into his closet.  Cat included to show scale (or maybe because he was sniffing everything.  Either way.).

I’m really proud that I didn’t try to keep half of this stuff (especially the teeny tiny adorable onesies that he somehow used to fit into).  I only kept stuff that was super important to me.  I wanted to show you what I decided to keep and why.

My parents brought Jonah this shirt when they came back from Colorado:


My brother got both of these for Jonah for his first Christmas.  He lives in Chicago, so he likes to bring Chicago-themed presents. 🙂


Staci and her husband R.D. brought this to Jonah when he was very tiny.  I have a very appropriate picture of him screaming his head off while wearing it.


This is the first outfit we bought for Jonah right after we found out he was going to be a boy:


I don’t know exactly why I love this one so much, other than it declares his love for me.  I remember taking pictures with him in it when he was just a few days or so old.


I am about the least into sports as a person can be, but I figured I ought to keep his Arkansas stuff.


This is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, onesies Jonah ever had.  I just think it’s adorable and he looked so cute in it.  Notice the spit up stains around the collar.  Memories.


A good friend of the family got Jonah these, and I think they are ADORABLE.  I know I’ve said the word “adorable” about 80 times now, but can you blame me?


Look how cute this hoodie is.  I don’t have any real reason for keeping this, other than the fact that I love it, and it’s got spit up stains on it, so that seemed like two good reasons.


Okay, last ones.  A hat that my friend LaDonna got for him that made him look like a baby pirate, and tiny Chucks that our friend Sara sent over from Chicago.


Here’s Jonah having fun with Staci.  🙂  Okay, that’s all for now.

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2 responses to “My favorite baby clothes

  1. Heather Kelso

    Awww. Well you are a lot stronger than I am because I haven’t given away any of Micah’s old clothes (except to my baby brother but they have boxed them back up and stored them for me) and I have all of Harper’s old clothes boxed up too! I am like a hoarder when it comes to baby stuff!

    • A big part of it is that we have such a small house and so much stuff, that we really don’t have room to just keep extra stuff that may never get used again. As much as I would love to keep all of Jonah’s baby clothes and toys in case we have another baby some day, it’s not practical. That’s what I have to keep telling myself. 🙂

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