3 Years

Today is Aaron and my 3 year wedding anniversary.  Because of this, I am going to give you 3 facts about us that you may not know.

1) In the almost 7.5 years I’ve known Aaron, have never seen him without his beard.

2) For the first two weeks or so after we met, every time we saw each other, we were in crazy costumes…because it was October, and we worked at Spencer’s.  Embarrassing.

3) Before we started dating, I was convinced that Aaron didn’t “like” me, especially when he asked my friend and roommate-at-the-time Rachel if he could come by our apartment and talk to her one day while I was at work.  Turns out he was just asking her advice because he wanted to ask me out and he wasn’t sure if I liked him.  Aww!

Us on our wedding day

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One response to “3 Years

  1. aww i didn’t know you guys worked together! how sweet. you look so different with long hair!!! happy love day!!! ❤

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