16 months

Today Jonah is 16 months old today!  Everyone always says how quickly this stuff goes by, but I feel like he’s been here forever.

This past month he started giving HUGE GINORMOUS SQUEEZY hugs.  He runs up and throws his arms around our necks and just *squeezes*.  He had started hugging before, several months ago, but nothing like this.  He’s been in a clingy phase, so I guess that helps.

He started to say “bye bye”, we think (it usually corresponded with waving, and happened at an appropriate time), but as quickly as it started, it stopped.  Which is how it goes with Jonah.  Two days of something new, and then NOTHING for a month or two.  He’s still not saying many words, but the doctor says he’s average in this area, so we are trying not to worry.  So far Jonah can say: mama, dada (or once in awhile, daddy), hi, hey, and bye bye.  Things he MIGHT have said once or twice, but we’re still not sure, are: more, on, open.

He also learned to blow, which is cute.  And to shake his head back and forth as if to say, “No, no, no, no, no!” with a big smile on his face.  And to climb up on the couch, which we are not quite as comfortable with.  He wants to walk up and down the length of the couch or try to climb up on the back of the chair.  We are working really hard to try to teach him that once he’s up there, he has to stay sitting down.  It is making me really nervous, but the look of pride after he finally lugs himself all the way up and then turns around and sits down is kind of worth it.

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