Jonah can use a spoon!…sort of.

For some reason, I’ve never tried to have Jonah feed himself, even though he’s 15 months old and should probably be practicing that by now.  I mean, he can pick up food with his fingers and eat it, but I’d never given him his plate and spoon and watched to see what happened.

Last night, Aaron was feeding Jonah dinner so I could work on some homework, and decided to let Jonah have the spoon.  Most of the time he scooped up some food, kind of, and the spoon made it into his mouth upside down.  The old saying is true — I think more of it got on him than in him.

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3 responses to “Jonah can use a spoon!…sort of.

  1. So cute! I love the dog in the 2nd picture…he’s like “please drop something…please drop something…please!”

  2. Haha, yeah, you can tell that she frequently gets to eat the food that he drops!

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