Home Improvement

Remember that show?  Home Improvement?  I always hated it.

Anyway, we have been trying to come up with ways to make our tiny house more livable.  A big problem is that the living room was the only part of the house that was really toddler-proofed.  So yesterday while I was doing homework, Aaron was opening up more of the house to Jonah.  He can now go in the dining room area.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a big improvement.

Where the baby gate was before:

Dividing the living room (where I stood while taking the picture) and the dining room.  Very cluttered.

How it looks now:

There’s a small baby gate so he can’t get into the laundry room, and also one just to the right of the refrigerator, so he can’t get into the main part of the kitchen.

I’m really excited about my craft area.  It was cramped and cluttered before, and I couldn’t scoot out too much because I’d hit the kitchen table.



Hopefully we’ll have more home improvement-type stuff to show soonish.

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4 responses to “Home Improvement

  1. It looks awesome! I love your crafting area!

  2. That looks great! And where did you get that tall shelf? I love it!

  3. Thanks, guys! We got the shelf at Hank’s a couple of years ago, although we actually got it as part of an entertainment center — there was one of those bookshelves on each side and a part in the middle for the TV. We decided that it was too large for our living room (there was not much we could do in terms of rearranging since it took up so much space) so we decided to take it apart and use the bookshelves separately. I think they may have sold just the bookshelves, as well.

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