Jonah’s room

Today I let Jonah play in his room.  I know that sounds weird, since it’s his room and all, but we usually spend our time in the living room.  Sometimes I forget that it’s probably important for him to realize that this place where he sleeps and gets his diaper changed can be a fun place, too.

And he LOVED it.  He had so much fun.  He squealed and laughed and, of course, went straight for the bookshelf and started pulling books off and bringing them to me.  It’s not like I don’t read to him — we read daily — but he doesn’t usually see this many books at one time.  It was like he had discovered treasure.

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3 responses to “Jonah’s room

  1. That’s so cute! Micah pulls the books off his bookshelf too, but he spends the majority of his time in his room…it’s probably because he has a slide and a train table in there! Haha.

    • I would love to have some of Jonah’s bigger toys in his room, but it’s just too small and his room isn’t quite childproofed yet. The living room is the only room he can roam around in safely without having to watch him every second. :-/

      • Micah and Harper have to share a room since we only live in a 2 bedroom right now, but thankfully David is amazing at organizing furniture and set up the room perfectly. I am thinking I am going to steal your idea and my next post will be about the kid’s room!

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