bullet points

I was doing so well for awhile, post-wise.  And then school started.  Here are some bullet points because I can’t muster up enough energy for a real post.

  • Jonah is back to waking up at 5AM.
  • This morning I had to say, “Stop putting rice cakes on Fiona.”
  • It looks like on Aaron’s days off we’re going to have to switch off one of us watching Jonah/the other one doing homework in hour increments.  We may never actually see each other again.
  • We need a bigger house.
  • Jonah is still not talking much and that is worrying me.  More about that later, I’m sure (maybe after his doctor appointment on Friday, if it doesn’t get canceled again).
  • The following is my favorite David Bowie song ever.  I think.  I love it so much.

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2 responses to “bullet points

  1. “Stop putting rice cakes on Fiona.”

    that’s making me giggle lots.

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