Aaron and I started  school yesterday, which means things are going to be really hectic.  He works full time and is taking four classes.  I have Jonah all day, which is definitely a full-time job, and have two classes.

On a brighter note, Jonah slept until 6:25 this morning!

Top 5 are mine, bottom 4 are Aaron’s.  Also, when I typed “bottom” just now, I totally accidentally typed “button” first.  That should tell you a lot about me.

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4 responses to “school

  1. is it weird that i pretty much want to read from book #5 down? because i totally do. i’m such a nerd. (and i love textbooks) – i need to finish school!

  2. Haha no, I don’t think it’s weird. I tend to be really interested in Psychology textbooks!

  3. Where are you going to school at? David is really wanted to go to school to become a teacher and we heard that since he is 27 and married with 2 kids he can get lots of grants.

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