YOU GUYS.  Jonah didn’t get out of the crib until 6:05 this morning.  I say “get out of the crib” because he had been in a cycle of half waking up and letting out a little cry and then going back to sleep for about an hour before that.  So he fully woke up and wanted to get out at 6:05.  Even the fact that he didn’t wake up the first time until just after 5 is amazing.  And that could have just been because he had a dirty diaper.  If he hadn’t he may have slept straight through until 6.

I don’t know if this is because of the nap thing yesterday (getting themselves to sleep instead of being put to sleep just totally changes things sometimes, as evidenced by the fact that he no longer wakes up every couple of hours at night since he started putting himself to sleep) or because we kept it a degree warmer last night, or maybe even partly because I rearranged his room the other day.  Could be some of all, could be none.  I just hope it continues.

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One response to “6:05!!

  1. i’m jealous and very happy for you!
    we can lay jaylin down in her own room , but a few hours later…she’s crying. i’ve resorted to putting her in bed with me. i know, i know…big mistake.

    yay jonah! what a big little man!

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