sleepy sleeperson

So Jonah did something AWESOME today.  He fell asleep on his own (pretty much — I’ll get to that in a second) for both for his naps today.  If you’re not a parent or if you’re a parent whose child was an easy napper, you might be wondering why the hell I’m devoting a blog post to this.  Because it’s a HUGE breakthrough, that’s why.

Jonah’s not been the easiest guy when it comes to the sleep department.  We finally got him “trained” to fall asleep on his own at night about two months ago.  This was after more than a year of me feeding him a bottle (and sometimes having to rock/pat him if he didn’t fall asleep with the bottle) and then try to EVER SO CAREFULLY bend over and place him in the crib and then somehow slip my arms out from underneath him without waking him up.  This was not a fun process.  But we finally got him to learn to go to sleep on his own at night after less than a week of sleep training.  He doesn’t wake up during the night anymore (which is great, because before he was waking up every 2-3 hours to eat, which took around 20 minutes each time).

Anyway, falling asleep at night is now no problem at all.  But up until today, he still needed to be rocked to sleep for naps.  And?  I couldn’t lay him down.  He would wake up immediately.  So I spent all of nap time with Jonah laying on me, stuck in one place.  Which means that if I didn’t plan ahead, I got very bored.

But this morning I get out of the shower and am getting dressed, when Aaron tells me from the living room, “Don’t come in here, I’m trying something.”  Awhile later he comes in and I learn that he got Jonah to sleep on his little Toy Story couch by just sitting next to it and playing the music and stuff from his Scout toy.  It took a while of tossing and turning, blanket repositioning, and all that, but he fell asleep on his own (you can read more about this at Aaron’s blog).  He woke up once during his nap, but I was able to get him back to sleep pretty easily.  Then, this afternoon, I tried it with him (Aaron was at work), and got him to sleep the same way!  He woke up twice during this one, but went back to sleep within two minutes both times.  This is a huge step, and hopefully he will do the same tomorrow!

Now if only he’d stop waking up for the day at 4:30 AM…

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One response to “sleepy sleeperson

  1. Oh I miss when Micah used to take two naps a day! Now I’m lucky if he’ll even take one. I totally feel you on having a child who is a difficult sleeper!

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